Deep Fried Boston Butt

Ingredients: 5 lb. Boston butt roast, thawed, rinsed and dried, King Kooker® Marinade of Choice, King Kooker® Cajun Seasoning, cooking oil.

Inject the thawed roast with the marinade of choice. Refer to the injecting directions for more information. Sprinkle King Kooker® Cajun Seasoning on the outside of the roast as desired. Heat the cooking oil to 350°F and immerse the roast in the oil. Allow the roast to cook for approximately 8 1/2 minutes per pound. When the calculated time has passed, turn off the cooker. Remove the roast carefully from the oil. Check for doneness by immediately inserting a meat thermometer into the center of roast. Pork should reach a temperature of 170°F or 77°C to be done.

Check also by slicing and examining meat. If the roast is not completely cooked, restart the cooker, raise the temperature of the oil to 350°F, and immerse the roast once again into the oil for additional cooking time. When done, turn off the cooker, remove from the oil and drain. Cool, slice and serve.